Which Shonen Protagonist Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Shonen protagonists take viewers on action-packed journeys to defeat enemies, save lives, and achieve sky-high goals, but they aren't all driven by the same motivation and personality. While the prototypical shonen hero is a brash, courageous person who never gives up, when you dig deeper into the genre, you find more traits than just the conventional ones. What's more, you can link some of those traits to characteristics exhibited by the 12 zodiac signs.

You're the main character of your own exciting life story, but which story, and which protagonist, resonates most with you? Do your personality flaws match your zodiac sign? Are you a Libra like Goku from Dragon Ball Z, so dedicated to balance and fairness that you'll even help out your enemy to repay him for aiding you? Or are you a Cancer like Izuku Midoriya of My Hero Academia, caring so deeply about other people's safety that you put yourself at risk? Just like with Naruto characters based on zodiac signs, you can consult the stars and discover your true shonen anime self.

  • When an Aries has a goal in mind, they'll attack it in the most direct way possible. To avoid being murdered by man-eating Titans, Eren Jaeger lives confined behind seemingly impenetrable walls. When the monsters breach the walls and kill half of his village - including his mother - Eren's fiery Arien nature has him hellbent on revenge.

    While his sign gives him the strength to keep fighting in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds, it also makes him reckless. Without Mikasa's unrelenting drive to protect him, Armin's tendency to think things through, or Levi's willingness to kick his butt if he doesn't listen to orders, this stubborn Aries might have gotten himself killed ages ago.

  • Ask any Taurus what they value most, and you'll get a variety of answers, but most of them appreciate creature comforts. This sign loves good food and luxury, but doesn't like to have to give up money or time to get it. Saitama might be the strongest person alive, but he loves his downtime in front of the TV and making sure he gets his groceries cheap.

    Of course, there's more to Saitama than being lazy and miserly. He also channels the bull-like strength of Taurus, enduring an intense daily regimen of 100 pushups, 100 situps, and 100 squats, followed by a 10-kilometer sprint. He might love lounging around, but when he's truly motivated to do something, he's an unstoppable force.

  • Those born under the twin sign of Gemini often have such complex personalities, they can seem like two different people, depending on the circumstances. This principle certainly applies to Gintoki Sakata, a war veteran who runs an odd jobs business.

    On the one hand, Gintoki is a quick-witted, sarcastic, lazy person who refuses to pay his rent and loves dishing out insults. But Gintoki also has a more vulnerable side to his personality; he cares deeply for his loved ones, and his experiences during the Joui War had a far more significant impact on his emotional life than he's willing to admit.

  • Cancer (June 21 - July 22): Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya's most cherished wish is to become a professional hero. He doesn't want it for the fame or the glory; he wants it because protecting other people is his instinct. Without even considering his safety, Izuku jumps right into conflict, thinking only of saving lives. Even before he has any powers to speak of, he tries to rescue his friend Katsuki Bakugo from a rampaging slime monster. As he trains to become a hero, he repeatedly injures himself in the pursuit of protecting others. He interrupts his competition against Shoto Todoroki to help him work through an emotional issue that's holding him back, even though this makes Shoto more likely to defeat him.

    His tendency toward self-sacrifice stems from his Cancer nature. Cancers are emotionally intelligent people who value other people's happiness and safety above all else - including themselves. Izuku takes this Water sign's tendency to ignore one's own needs to the extreme.

  • With his spiky blond hair and gleaming smile, Naruto Uzumaki looks exactly like what many people picture when they think of the fifth sign of the zodiac, Leo.

    There's more to Naruto's Leo-like nature than just his looks. He's also a brave person who will take on any challenge, no matter the risk. Naruto isn't content to defeat an enemy; he also wants to make sure he looks cool while doing it. After all, he's trying to become the leader of his village, and he needs everyone's approval. But the drive to lead goes deeper than just showing off - Naruto truly wants to protect every member of his village from harm, especially his loved ones.

    His other goal, rescuing Sasuke Uchiha from a life of destruction and pain, seems impossible, but like any true Leo, Naruto will never give up on his friends.

  • From their superior powers of organization to their dapper dress sense, Virgos have many admirable traits. Light Yagami is a pro at all the things that make this Earth sign great, but he also has one of the most prominent negative characteristics Virgos can have. Light is incredibly judgmental, believing he is a god capable of deciding who should live and who should die.

    While most Virgos will simply raise an eyebrow at their friend's sloppy nail polish or "incorrect" favorite character from Naruto, Light takes the sign's tendency toward being critical to the extreme.