unspeakable crimes CCTV Shows Hero Shopkeeper Using Karate Skills To Disarm Gunman  

Mick Jacobs

As you can see in this unforgettable video, one robber made the unfortunate attempt of robbing a man well versed in martial arts. Sibu Kuruvilla, the 43-year-old proprietor, decided not to give up his shop without a fight.

Kuruvilla does so even with a gun pointed to his head and that of his associate. Pointing a loaded gun at Kuruvilla, the robber makes various demands of the shopkeeper, who fights back multiple times.

You'd think the robber might realize at some point he's up against no weakling but rather a man who could not only fight back, but also take him down. In the end, the robber learns the hard way.

And Kuruvilla, the proud father of two girls, gets to walk away knowing his shop is safe as long as he's in charge. Watch the fight-filled CCTV footage below and just try not to sign yup for martial arts classes after.