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culture 13 Things People With Short Attention Spans Deal With  

CE Hudspeth
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There are so many things happening everywhere at all times, and some of us have the misfortune of trying to keep tabs on all of them. If you have a short attention span and trouble staying focused, then at some point you’ve got to accept the fact that this world is going to be a tough place. Simple tasks take hours, complex tasks take days, and things like the Internet, television, and literally anything moving in your peripheral vision or audible at the edge of your hearing won’t just catch your attention – they will shatter your concentration and leave you struggling to get back on track. If you feel this pain, vote up the things people with short attention spans have the hardest time with.
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Remembering what you wanted to do in the next room the instant you sit back down.

Now you’ve got to get up all over again. Hopefully this time you’ll actually remember what you need to do for more than ten seconds.
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Walking into a room and promptly forgetting why you went in there.

Nothing makes you feel like you're losing your mind like walking into a room and drawing the blankest of blanks, when you had a clear, specific objective in mind just a few seconds ago.
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Watching the same movie several times before it finally sinks in.

With distractions like your refrigerator, your phone, or your laptop sitting on your chest, it can be very difficult to watch a movie at home and focus on plots and character development. Most of the time, you’ve got to catch the movie in bits and pieces over several viewings, until eventually you grasp the entire concept. 
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Starting laundry and then forgetting about it.

Sometimes you just leave wet clothes in the washer until they’re all funky again. Other times they made it to the dryer, where you neglect them until they’re a mass of wrinkles. Either way, your clothes haven't been presentable in months.