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Short-Lived Fast Food Items From The '80s And '90s You Didn't Just Dream About

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They call fast food "fast" for a reason. Trends come and go like the wind, and if something doesn't work right away, it gets thrown on history's short-lived fast food items heap to be forgotten by all but the rare few who tasted them way back when. We've seen it in the past with fast food breakfast foods and we're seeing it again here. Some were legitimately delicious but impractical, while others were just terrible ideas from their inception. They can't all be winners, right? If you're feeling a little food nostalgia, take a walk down memory lane and see how many of these forgotten menu items from the past you remember.

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    Pizza Hut's Bigfoot Pizza

    Photo: Jen Bent / YouTube

    The Bigfoot Pizza was 12 inches by 24 inches, making a solid 2 square feet of cheesy goodness. At $10.99, it's possible that Pizza Hut couldn't afford to keep this monster on the menu any longer without raising the price to a range that made people not want to order it.

    To this day, it still has fans hoping for a revival - because nothing beats a table-sized pizza.

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    Wendy's Superbar

    Video: YouTube

    Word is that Wendy’s Superbar was the stuff of legends back in the '80s. It was an all-you-can-eat buffet of numerous kinds of pasta, a make-you-own taco station, fresh fruit, and salad.

    While you may question a Wendy’s taco and pasta station, the $2.99 price tag for as many visits as you wanted made it so popular that Wendy’s had to end it just to stay in business.

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    Taco Bell's Enchirito

    What do you get when a burrito and an enchilada have a beefy, saucy baby? The Taco Bell Enchirito. It was a giant burrito stuffed with beef and beans, drowned in sauce, and topped with cheese and those infernal '80 Taco Bell olives.

    As trends changed, this one-time menu staple went the way of the dodo.

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    McDonald's McDLT

    It keeps the hot side hot and the cold side cold! The hot half of the McDLT was on one side of this Styrofoam container, and the cold side with the veggies was on the other so that you could assemble it yourself and have the perfect burger.

    The problem was, it was a ton of Styrofoam just at a time when people started caring about the environment.

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