The Shortest NFL Players Right Now

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Who are the shortest NFL players right now? Football is a sport famous for its big men putting big hits on their opponents, using their size and strength to overpower other players on the field, which is what makes the shortest current NFL players so impressive. All the smallest football players in the league right now prove how much can be accomplished with quickness, skill, and drive. Who is the shortest NFL player right now? Which NFL short kings do you love?

Running backs like D'Andre Swift and Aaron Jones have been able to exploit their small stature to sneak through holes and defenses and get into open space where their speed can be useful. While wide receivers tend to be on the taller side, WRs Jamison Crowder and Marquise Brown haven't needed a height advantage to carve out an NFL niche as talented pass catchers.

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Photo: Louis Briscese / Wikimedia Commons