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The Shortest Deaths In Comic Book History

Updated June 14, 2019 23k views13 items

The very nature of death in modern superhero comics means that the list of resurrected comic book characters is almost exactly as long as the list of characters who died—nearly everyone comes back to life eventually. Because most comic book characters who died were loved by at least some fans, it's unsurprising the common trope is to bring them back from the dead. Nothing sells comics like a resurrection. 

However, sometimes the trope is stretched to ridiculous lengths, and looking at the shortest “deaths” in comic history proves that. Readers don’t seem to mind when their favorite characters return after a few years cooling their heels in the afterlife, but a death that lasts a matter of months is almost insulting. In those cases, it seems the original demise was simply a plot device designed to make headlines and sell comic books, and was never intended to stick.