The Shortest Women's Tennis Players Of All Time, Ranked

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Vote up the best women's tennis players under 5'7".

While we often assume athletes tower over the normal population, there are actually quite a few short tennis players. For a game like tennis, where agility and precision are key, a person's height doesn't necessarily affect their game. Many female tennis players are under 5'10". 

Who are the shortest female tennis players? Sara Errani stands at only 5'4". Dominika Cibulková is even shorter, measuring only 5'3". Vania King, Zheng Jie, and Marion Bartoli are also vertically challenged. If you're on the shorter side yourself, and insecure about your stature, keep in mind some of the top female tennis players aren't too tall themselves. 

Which short female tennis player is your favorite? Cast your vote below and add anyone you feel is missing. 

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