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The Shortest Lasting SNL Cast Members

Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been the dream job for aspiring comedians everywhere. However, like all dreams, sometimes it doesn't go exactly as planned. Sometimes you get fired after a year (or before the season even starts). This is a list containing every single SNL cast member throughout the years who only stuck around for a single season (or less). You might even be surprised to learn that some of these actors were ever on the show.

In many cases, a long run on the show has lead to great success. Will Ferrell (7 seasons) and Kristen Wiig (7 seasons) come to mind, along with Adam Sandler (5), Bill Murray (4), and Tina Fey (9). But, as you can see below, some of these one-year-wonders did just fine in showbiz after they got their 30 Rock eviction notice. Some have gone on to become the most famous and well-respected artists in their field.

For others, Saturday Night Live was indeed a flash in the pan, at least up until this point. You can never say never in Hollywood. This list does not include cast members who are still on the show as their fate is yet to be determined, but it does include comedians like Shane Gillis who were announced but chose not to join the cast. So here it is, the complete collection of Saturday Night Live shooting stars. They burned bright... if only for a short while.