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How Long The Shortest Manhunts In History Actually Were

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Some culprits evade the law for years before being apprehended; others are never caught. But for every runaway who makes it, there are hundreds who don't. This collection features crooks who couldn't stay a step ahead of the law for very long. Some were just too high-profile to stay hidden; others were unlucky; and some just didn't really have a plan at all. 

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    Billie Austin Bryant - Two Hours

    Bryant's manhunt was over in less time than it would take to sit through most feature-length films. He was apprehended in the evening of January 8, 1969 after just two hours on the FBI's most-wanted list.

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    William Raymond Nesbit - Three Days On The Most-Wanted List

    Nesbit has the dubious honor of being among the first people named on the FBI's top 10 most-wanted list in March 1950. The publicity worked like a charm; he was found in a cave in Minnesota just three days later. 

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  • Belgian serial killer Dutroux took advantage of lax security protocols to overpower a guard and make a very brief bid for freedom. He was quickly recaptured within the same day, but the manner of escape resulted in a raft of resignations; these came after mishandling of the original case had prompted massive demonstrations. 

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    Anthony Michael Juliano - A Week On The Most-Wanted List 

    Juliano was a prolific bank robber in the 1970s. He was placed on the FBI's most-wanted list on March 15, 1976, and captured only a week later

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