15 Things You Shouldn't Do In Public (According To People Who Have Witnessed Them)

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Be it on public transportation, or just out in the world, we've all done something a little weird or awkward in public before. But most of us don't make a habit out of it. And we aren't usually THIS weird. These stories about strangers in public perfectly illustrate what not to do in public. Read on to make sure you don't leave strangers baffled and uncomfortable with your public antics.

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    They Were Eating Out Of The Garbage, At Work, With A Fork

    From Redditor u/OliviaMoney:

    Eating out of the garbage can in the break room at work... with a fork.

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    They Spit On The Towel Dispenser Like It Was Common Practice

    From Redditor u/Orange_Kid:

    In a public bathroom, dude spit on the towel dispenser handle before pulling it down. Presumably to make sure he was touching his own germs.

    He did it with me watching him, like it was standard practice. He didn't clean it off afterwards, just ripped off a piece of towel and walked away.

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    They Spooned An Entire Jar Of Cheez Whiz Into Their Mouth

    From Redditor u/Always_Trying01:

    A guy two rows in front of me at a baseball game ate an entire jar of Cheez Whiz with a spoon. And I mean, he was spooning it to his mouth in such a fury he lost about a third of the jar down his chin onto his shirt. I was so baffled I couldn't look away.


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    They Casually Chatted On The Phone In The Middle Of A Graduation Speech

    From Redditor u/Juventus19:

    I was at my college graduation. As the keynote speaker was talking, the head of my department picks up his cell phone and is casually chatting on it... The dude was sitting on stage not more than 15 feet from the person giving us a speech on how to succeed in life or whatever. Can you imagine that phone call on the other side?

    -"Hey, Dr ______, are you busy right now?"

    -"Nah, I'm just at graduation. What's on your mind?"


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    They Were Walking Around Sucking Their Thumb

    From Redditor u/bigfatjuicybrownie:

    I once saw a grown man, maybe 30 years old. Casually just walked around sucking his own thumb.

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    They Cut Their Toenails And Ate A Sandwich Without Washing Their Hands

    From Redditor u/Belhevi:

    Someone on the Parisian subway removed his shoes to trim his toenails by hands then ate a sandwich that was in his briefcase with the same unwashed hands.