25 Times People On The Internet Said Things That We Can't Unthink

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Sometimes someone will say something that seems small at first, but it really warps your whole perspective on a subject. This is a collection of the times that people on the internet said something that we can't unthink.

Photo: @osteopathblah / Twitter

  • 1. Growing Up

    Growing Up
    Photo: Reddit
    2,404 votes
  • 2. Man Made

    Man Made
    Photo: Reddit
    2,401 votes
  • 3. What Day Is It?

    What Day Is It?
    Photo: Reddit
    2,150 votes
  • 4. It Can't Be

    It Can't Be
    Photo: Tumblr
    2,303 votes
  • 5. That's A Lot Of Sand

    That's A Lot Of Sand
    Photo: Reddit
    1,779 votes
  • 6. The Grand Finale

    The Grand Finale
    Photo: Reddit
    1,650 votes