13 Shows And Movies Joss Whedon Has Savagely Ripped Apart

Joss Whedon is a busy man. When he’s not directing blockbuster action movies, he's writing emotionally powerful, frequently female-driven TV shows, and creating all kinds of cult-favorite science fiction and horror franchises. But somehow, Whedon still finds the time to vent about the things that piss him off, either on Twitter or in interviews.

Things Joss Whedon hates range from movies without endings to the lack of female diversity in Hollywood. And if you think he doesn’t have a problem with how his own work is perceived, you're about to have a rude awakening. But no matter how harsh they are, Joss Whedon opinions are always entertaining.

There is no other Twitter like Joss Whedon Twitter: a place where liberal politics and whip-smart opinions about art are delivered with a delicious candy coating of snark. Even if you don’t agree with everything Whedon says, you have to admit that his acid tongue makes criticism a little more fun. Do you want to know if Joss Whedon hates your favorite movie? There's no time like the present to find out.