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Shows About Middle America To Watch Instead Of 'Roseanne'

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After the abrupt cancellation of Roseanne in May 2018, there was an uproar among fans of the show who felt that without it, there was a now supposed lack of television programming focused on "real people." But the reality is that there are plenty of shows that represent American life – series about regular, blue-collar folks who struggle to make ends meet, who don't live in "elite bubbles," who laugh and love and labor with an easy and accessible humanity.

During its initial run (and some might argue, its reboot), Roseanne may have tapped into a sense of working-class unease, but shows like Roseanne are still on the air, waiting to be discovered. Plus, these shows have the added bonus of not being weighted down with Roseanne Barr's polarizing politics, the associated fallout, or the behind-the-scenes drama of Roseanne. And these shows all deserve a larger viewership, not because they're Roseanne knockoffs – each one of them is a singular creation – but simply because they're good TV.

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