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Shrek Fan Theories That Add Another Chapter To The Fairytale

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Once upon a time in the kingdom of DreamWorks, a magical realm was created called Shrek. Then there was Shrek 2Shrek the ThirdShrek Forever After, and a slew of spin-off movies, shorts, and television shows. With this vast catalog to pull from, it's no wonder there are Shrek fan theories that are as vast as its own mythology. There are theories that explain how the Happily Ever After potion may be the entire reason Donkey and Dragon were able to conceive the dronkeys. Another concept places the entire Shrek universe in a post-1970s fairy tale land due to the apparent knowledge of Tic-Tacs. And if you've ever wondered how Fiona survived her entire childhood locked in a tower without food, there's a theory that suggests she was given a steady diet of knights concocted from recipes in Dragon's cookbook.

Whether you've seen every Shrek movie or just consider yourself a casual "Shrekkie," this list of fan theories is a must read. Vote up your favorite fan theories and check on back again to see which one made it to the top!

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    Dragon Was Once A Princess

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    Shrek opens with a storybook sequence depicting the fable of a princess being locked away in a tower. This is thought to be Fiona's backstory, but in this theory from Redditor /u/SweetSoursop, there's actually something else going on. The Redditor points out in this page-by-page breakdown that the princess in the book doesn't have the same hair color as Fiona, and there are some other unexplained details (a golden cup, a dark castle) that don't seem to fit her narrative. They speculate that this is actually Dragon's story, and that she was once a princess who was cursed into the form of a dragon, which was one day lifted by none other than Donkey. All this being said, the storybook sequence ends with Shrek ripping out a page and using it as toilet paper, so maybe this theory doesn't amount to much more than that.

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      The Magical Creatures Burned Duloc To The Ground

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      At the end of the first installment of the Shrek franchise, Lord Farquaad is dethroned and Duloc has a chance to return to normalcy without its tyrannical leader in charge. However, as Redditor /u/premeddit points out, that's not what happened. Years later, in Scared Shrekless, we see that Duloc is in complete ruin, meaning that something big had to happen after Farquaad's reign ended. The Redditor thinks that the magical creatures from outside - a legion of angry fairies and such - attacked and destroyed Duloc once the city was weakened. The motive is clearly there - Farquaad was known for torturing magical creatures, (unhappily) after all.

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        Sir Justin Is Artie's Father

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        In Shrek the Third we're introduced to Artie, whose backstory includes that his father abandoned him as a child. However, we never find out who his father was. Redditor /u/JohnCallOfDuty thinks they've identified the orphan's dad with a clue on Fiona's wall. Though brief, we catch a glimpse of a poster featuring Sir Justin (a play on Justin Timberlake, who voices Artie). The Redditor thinks that Sir Justin - who is a famous performer related to Fiona's family - is Artie's father. That explains how Fiona was able to get a signed poster for her wall, and also seems to fit the stereotype of celebs who care more about their own fame than their offspring.

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          Fiona Grew Up Eating Knights

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          In the very beginning of the Shrek saga, we learn that Fiona has been the captive of Dragon since she was little, held atop a tall tower. One would imagine there's a lot of upkeep on Dragon's part to keep Fiona alive up there, including feeding her. So what does Fiona eat? According to Redditor /u/Froidster, it's knights. As the theory describes, when we see Shrek and Fiona leave the Tallest Tower for the first time, there is a cook book nearby called "Knightly Treats," i.e. a book of human recipes. If that's Dragon's equivalent of The Joy of Cooking, then it stands to reason that Fiona has grown up on a steady diet of royal soldiers.

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