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Shrek Fan Theories That Add Another Chapter To The Fairytale

Once upon a time in the kingdom of DreamWorks, a magical realm was created called Shrek. Then there was Shrek 2Shrek the ThirdShrek Forever After, and a slew of spin-off movies, shorts, and television shows. With this vast catalog to pull from, it's no wonder there are Shrek fan theories that are as vast as its own mythology. There are theories that explain how the Happily Ever After potion may be the entire reason Donkey and Dragon were able to conceive the dronkeys. Another concept places the entire Shrek universe in a post-1970s fairy tale land due to the apparent knowledge of Tic-Tacs. And if you've ever wondered how Fiona survived her entire childhood locked in a tower without food, there's a theory that suggests she was given a steady diet of knights concocted from recipes in Dragon's cookbook.

Whether you've seen every Shrek movie or just consider yourself a casual "Shrekkie," this list of fan theories is a must read. Vote up your favorite fan theories and check on back again to see which one made it to the top!

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    Farquaad's Subjects Were Happy He Died

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    People living under tyrannical rule don't often get to share how they really feel about their overlords, so perhaps there's nothing surprising about this theory from Redditor /u/Walnutterzz. They suggest that people in Farquaad's kingdom really wanted Shrek and Donkey to defeat their royal soldiers, even if they couldn't quite show it. In fact, they even begin to cheer Shrek on at one point, encouraging him to use a chair in his fight. The Redditor also points out that when Farquaad ultimately perishes, no one seems to care.

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      Fairy Godmother Cursed Fiona

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      In Shrek 2, the Fairy Godmother makes moves to get her son, Prince Charming, to his would-be place atop the royal family. While her intentions become clear at the end, the means she uses to achieve them might be more than meets the eye. Redditor /u/puffpastry2001 theorizes that the Fairy Godmother has actually put a curse on Fiona, which she uses to manipulate the royal parents into keeping her involved. We see that she has the ability to lift a curse, so why not the ability to cast one as well?

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        Lord Farquaad Is A Dictator

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        It's never entirely clear where Lord Farquaad gets his title in the original Shrek, so it's possible he's not a Lord at all. That's what Redditor /u/SkullzCross thinks anyway, instead theorizing that Farquaad is a dictator. If you look at the way he rules it certainly makes a lot of sense. He acts with impunity and his command seems to be almost self-proclaimed. Also, when Shrek and Donkey first arrive in Duloc there's something almost eerie about it. It's too clean, too barren; almost like images we've seen in real-life of another square-headed dictator.

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          Shrek Was Exiled From The Ogres

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          Later in the series we are introduced to the idea that other ogres live in Shrek's magical realm, but in the first installment, he's the only one we see. Redditor /u/GaryStoneman thinks that's because our green hero has a deeper backstory than we ever learn. The Redditor theorizes that long ago Shrek was cast out by the other ogres because he didn't want to partake in the human-gobbling and pillaging that his kind is known for. Once on his own, he couldn't find friends amongst humans either, because they were afraid of him. Eventually, Shrek took to the swamp, where we meet him in the first movie.

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