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There's A Festival For Shrek Superfans And It's Just As Wild As You'd Imagine

Ah, Shrek. The beloved animated 2001 film – and its titular bright green ogre, voiced by Mike Myers – has inspired sequels, scores of products and merchandise, video games, and even a Broadway musical. And now, the movie has inspired a festival for Shrek superfans.

Wait. What? A festival, like Comic-Con or SXSW? Yes, that's precisely what it's like inside the Shrek fan festival – or what it aims to be, at any rate. With each passing year, the event has grown in both attendees and budget, and it's even started making a modest profit for organizers. But you may be wondering what, exactly, goes on at a festival like this. Shrek can only really be taken so far, right? Wrong. Shrek superfans have found surprising, hilarious, and completely wild ways to take their appreciation of the stout green ogre to the next level. And, for better or for worse, the rest of us are along for the ride.

Find out all about the Shrek festival, and check out all the hilarious pictures, below. Sure, it may be a little insane, but it looks like a ton of fun.

  • Attendees Dress Up As Their Favorite Shrek Characters

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    You can, of course, show up to Shrekfest in your plain old everyday clothes. But where's the fun in that? Attendees are encouraged to come dressed as their favorite character from the movie. And the more creative and unforgettable, the better.

  • There's An Onion-Eating Contest

    Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY

    Onions have layers. Ogres have layers. So, naturally, one of the hallmarks of Shrekfest is the onion-eating contest. Just don't get too close to the contestants after the winner is named.

  • Attendees Play Pin The Tail On Donkey

    Pin the Tail on Donkey is another game that has become a staple of Shrekfest. That's Donkey as in the Eddie Murphy-voiced character from Shrek, not the more general donkey of the children's game. The directions are virtually the same, however.

  • There's A Shrek Screening With Audience Participation

    Video: YouTube

    Shrekfest has a screening of the movie that started it all as part of every year's festival. But this isn't a hushed and quietly reverential viewing. Audience members take full part in the movie-watching experience, quoting the dialogue with the characters and talking back to the screen.