The Greatest Shy Anime Characters of All Time

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For all the blushers out there who act all weird in front of their crush, we're ranking the shyest anime characters of all time. Shyness in anime characters is usually demonstrated through girls, who blush uncontrollably when their love interest is around. Take Hinata from the Naruto series for example, who can hardly speak when Naruto is interacting with her. There are times when the roles are reversed though, like Renton Thurston's relationship with Eureka in Eureka Seven. Other anime characters are shy because they have confidence issues, like Neon Genesis Evangelion's protagonist Shinji Ikari (if Gendo was your dad you'd have confidence issues too).

Who is your most loved shy anime character? Vote up your favorite anime characters that blush a lot, and even add characters to the list if you feel they should be represented on thise poll.
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