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This 2,500-Year-Old Mummy Was Found Covered In Mysterious Tattoos And Holding A Satchel Of Weed

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One of the most remarkable mummies in the world is the Ukok Princess, a woman who lived in Siberia at least five centuries BCE. She was discovered in 1993, buried alongside a bag of weed and adorned in ornate tattoos still preserved all over her body. She was probably a woman of high status, as she was buried with several elaborately harnessed horses and many decorative accessories.

Technology has advanced since the early '90s, and researchers have since conducted deeper dives into analyzing the Ukok Princess. In 2010, MRI scans revealed she was probably in her mid-twenties and may have died of breast cancer. Was the drug she carried a pain relief method? There is much to be unpacked from this exciting discovery.

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