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People Describe The Worst Ways Their Own Siblings Have Ever Betrayed Them

Updated January 27, 2021 15.3k views20 items

Growing up with siblings can be a wonderful experience. You never get lonely, you learn important lessons about getting along with others, and you have someone to side with against those mean ol' parents! Even though they might annoy you with their ability to get away with things, or you compete for parental attention, most people love their siblings through it all.

But not everyone has that picture-perfect family life, and even the closest siblings can fall out. Have you ever had an experience that made you think "my sister betrayed me," "my brother turned against me," or "my sibling is downright evil"? That's what these stories are all about, sibling betrayals these people simply can't forgive or forget.

  • Unbrotherly Birthday

    Posted by u/Brilliant_Version667:

    My brother and I went shopping at Target for our mom's birthday. I saw a necklace my mom had mentioned that she wanted to buy, and I told my brother I wish I could afford it. He pocketed the necklace and didn't even get caught. He gave it to my mom for her birthday, and my mom told him he was so thoughtful, as she gave me a scornful look like I was trash. I didn't want to ruin her birthday by telling her my brother stole the necklace.

  • Tattletale

    Posted by u/Prissy_Hobbit:

    Me and my mom were fighting one day at dinner. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I got up to make tea. My older brother had been watching, as he was also at the table, and he starts shouting, "Mom, she's making faces at you behind your back! She doesn't care about you!" I was making faces, yes, but I was angry and they were to myself! I thought no one was looking.

    It was the slimiest thing ever. He was notorious for getting involved in fights and issues that didn't involve him. The fact that no one had a problem with him being like that made everything much worse.

  • Outed

    Posted by u/tmurph89:

    My younger sister outed me to my parents after seeing my new relationship status on Facebook. I ended up having to talk to my parents about it before I was 100% ready. She also told me over text message not long after that she had lost a lot of respect for me, and thought I was ruining my life.

    Even now, after almost four years and her supposed encounters with girls, she hasn't apologized to me.

  • The Parents Were In On It

    Posted by u/SunOk6397:

    My sister slept with my ex-husband both before we married and for the first few years of our marriage. I didn't find out for years. Also found out my parents knew about it but didn't want to tell me. They were worried I would fight with her.