Hilarious Pranks To Pull On Your Siblings

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Despite the fact that you probably love your brothers and sisters dearly, childhood revolves around trying to get the better of them. In fact, pranks you pull on your siblings can be incredibly satisfying. Like other tricks you might play on your parents, hilarious sibling pranks can be perfectly timed and customized. After all, you probably know their daily routines perfectly, and they almost certainly deserve a friendly sibling caper. 

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    Trap Your Sibling In A Room

    Trap Your Sibling In A Room
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    Have your sibling sit down and put their hands palm down on a table. Then bet them that they cannot balance a full glass of water on the back of each hand. Once you place the glasses, your sibling will be trapped in place. They can only move if they overturn the cups and spill water everywhere.

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    Balance Food On Their Face

    Balance Food On Their Face
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    There are few things that can spoil your night quite as much as finding a younger sibling asleep in your room. You might as well take advantage of the circumstances for your own amusement. Why not stack food on them while they snore away? Place as many slices of bread on their face as you can, then take pictures. It won't hurt, but you'll get great images. 

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    Create Toothpaste Oreos

    Create Toothpaste Oreos
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    This particular prank works best on younger siblings who want to get their hands on tasty treats without asking questions. Grab some Oreos, and carefully remove the filling from the inside. Then take plain white toothpaste, smearing it inside the chocolate cookies. Try to keep everything as neat as possible. When your brothers and sisters bite in, you'll laugh for ages. 

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    Add Red Food Coloring To Their Toothbrush

    Add Red Food Coloring To Their Toothbrush
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    This bathroom prank is easy to plan because you know when your sibling is likely to brush their teeth. All you need is a tiny bit of red food coloring, preferably in powdered form so it can be easily hidden. Put the dye on their toothbrush. When your sibling starts to brush, they'll think they're bleeding, but it's totally safe.

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    Change Their Netflix Usernames

    Many people share Netflix accounts with siblings. When they get out of line, though, you have a way to let them know who is in charge. Change siblings' profile names on the Netflix homepage. You'll get a laugh, and they'll feel appropriately burned.

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    Hide Schoolwork In A Maze Of Folders

    Hide Schoolwork In A Maze Of Folders
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    There's a great way to get revenge on a sibling. Wait until they have some kind of important piece of work to hand in at school. Then get access to their computer. Log in, and hide the homework file in a complex maze of folders. Add duplicate copies of the original file, but replace the content so searching for the correct one is impossible. Your sibling will have to search through every single folder.

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