The 25 Best Sibling Duos In Anime History

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For anime fans looking for double or even six times the fun and adventure in a new series, the answer is here: sibling protagonist anime. Siblings of the standard hero and heroine are lucky to have more than a name, but these series feature entire families as main characters. A few series on the list promote pairs of siblings that are part of a larger cast of characters, as seen in Gintama or Ouran High School Host Club, so while they may not be the ultimate protagonist of their shows, they influence the story, are given ample screen time, and undergo their own development.

The stories of these brothers and sisters span multiple genres, from slice of life to science fiction. The companionship and close-knit relationships between these siblings range from beautifully loyal to questionably affectionate, but their journey together is no less entertaining. Which sibling anime is the favorite? Vote up your favorite duos and dynamics!

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