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Things You Used to Argue With Your Siblings About

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Do you have a brother or a sister? In your older, more civilized years, have you forgotten all the things you fought about as a child? Read through this list of reasons kids fight, and refresh your memory on some your oldest, fondest memories.

You lived together under the same roof for decades. Maybe you shared a room. You had to fight for attention while simultaneously watching your back. Together, you were dragged to the grocery store, the post office, or on family “vacations,” and always against your will. So why do siblings fight? How does sharing a limited amount of space with the same person who knows you better than you know yourself evolve into sibling rivalry?

Having a sibling is like having a best friend, an enemy, and a personal, round-the-clock bully rolled into one. This person knows your strengths, your weaknesses, your pet peeves, your most intimate secrets... and they share your DNA. It’s basically the perfect concoction for blackmail and manipulation.

So if you grew up with brothers or sisters, you’ve probably mastered the art of annoying other human beings. You’ve probably been pinched and punched and ignored. You know that children will fight over just about anything, and you’ve probably experienced every scenario listed below.
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    You just got home from a tough day at the pool, probably popped open a fresh Sunny D (Florida Style) when Mom greets you with a list of chores. 

    You try handing it off to your sibling, he/she wants nothing to do with it...and suddenly the battle is on. 
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    This was long before you knew your rights of “innocent until proven guilty.” Back in the day, it was literally all about the "he said, she said." Sometimes you were guilty and sometimes you weren’t, but whoever got told on first was the one who’d end up in time out.
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    The Bathroom

    The early bird gets the worm, and until you booked your first flight with a major airline or tried to buy Weekend 1 passes to Coachella, you thought this phrase applied to the endless battle over using the bathroom.
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    Jerry Seinfeld may have used a different term for this, but for the sake of being politically correct, we’ll refer to the situation as take-backs. Your brother or sister gave you a toy because they were “over it” or it was “stupid,” and then three weeks later, they punched you in the arm or called you a thief and retrieved the toy. Usually, they conveniently "forgot" about the whole event wherein they betrothed it to you in the first place.

    It was always safer for Mom to stay uninvolved so you were left feeling betrayed with two empty, clammy hands.
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