Weird Nature It's Incredible To See This Caretaker Soothe A Sick 10-Foot Bear  

Rebecca High

This precious video captures an under the weather 24-year-old Kodiak bear Jimbo getting some TLC from caretaker Jim Kowalczik. 

At the Orphaned Wildlife Center in Otisville, New York, a veterinarian was called to examine the 10-foot tall, 1,400-pound bear, who was agitated from an unknown sickness. 

After the vet left, the bear was still unhappy and displaying signs of distress. It wasn't because he was out of his natural habitat, though: the bear has actually lived at the center since he was a cub after injuries left him unable to fend for himself in the wild. 

This heartwarming video of Jimbo and Jim will probably make you want a big ol' bear hug, too. Go find someone to take care of and cuddle.