All Of Sidney Poitier's Movie, Ranked

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Sidney Poitier has won the hearts of over 700 movie fans who have come together to rank his impressive filmography from best to worst. As an iconic and trailblazing actor, he's broken down barriers for Black actors in Hollywood and paved the way for future generations.

Poitier's performances are renowned for their powerful sense of humanity and empathy. His commanding screen presence is often marked by important themes of social justice, making every one of his movies a classic. It's no surprise that many consider him one of the greatest actors ever to grace cinema screens.

But what makes a Sidney Poitier movie truly special? Was it his magnetic charisma? The raw emotion he brought to each role? Or is it simply because we can't get enough of this legendary star? Let’s find out as we embark on this journey through some classic films and vote up your favorites along the way.

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