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What is siege warfare? A lot of people use the term, but surprisingly few know what it actually means. If you've seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy, you probably have the general idea. The Battle of Minas Tirith is reasonably good example of a classic siege, one featuring many of the medieval siege weapons and tactics you'll find in notable sieges throughout history.

The basics of the thing are pretty simple: surround an enemy's fortification, cut off all food, water, and supplies, then wait for the fort or city's inhabitants to starve, turning their fort into a prison with no escape. Along the way, invaders maintain constant pressure and constant harassment, breaking the enemy's will to fight with bombardment, fire, disease, and general unpleasantness.

 So, what are the most iconic siege weapons of all time? You'll find them all here and you can vote up the weapons most associated with successful sieges throughout the history of warfare.
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Trebuchets were the big guns - the heavy artillery of catapult warfare. Capable of launching huge projectiles over long ranges, trebuchets were often the biggest weapons on the field. Really massive trebuchets required crews of a hundred men or more. Instead of rope torsion, these weapons relied on a huge counterweight to send the long arm upward and sling projectiles far into the distance.

It's said that the first sonic boom ever heard by man came from the trebuchet projectiles.

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Ballistas were effectively giant crossbows, working on the same torsion principles as onagers. The big difference was that ballistas were meant to fire straight ahead at enemy walls instead of up and over them. Loaded with stone "cannon balls" as often as they were with the iconic "arrow" bolt, ballistas specialized in hammering enemy walls to pieces - but they could just as easily be fired into advancing soldiers.
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Battering Ram

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Since a Lord of the Rings reference is pretty much inevitable on this list: Yes, Grond, Hammer of the Underworld was kind of a real thing. Granted, most invading armies didn't consist of orcs, and most rams weren't intricately carved, flaming wolf heads. Most were like the one pictured - logs suspended on ropes and covered by a roof to protect from arrow fire.

Some had flat faces, some were pointed and some had metal spears depending on whether they were used to batter down walls or wooden gates. And yes, some (like those used by the ever-stylish Romans) even had intricately molded, metal ram's heads.

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Siege Tower

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Sometimes also referred to by the generic "siege engine," towers were as much about psychological battle as practical warfare. Siege towers were basically glorified ladders meant to be wheeled up to enemy walls so invaders could quickly scale them and invade en masse. The sight of a line of massive siege towers appearing over the horizon was often enough to break a defending commander's will before the siege even began.
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