The Best Signature Drinks of Famous Characters

Movies and TV shows are known to inspire fear, joy, imagination. But what about thirst? Watching your favorite character down a crisp cocktail can get you hankering for some of the good stuff. Forget taste buds, the iconic drinks in many of your favorite movies can definitely fire up the "thirst-buds." But which famous character has the best signature drink?

Anyone that's ever watched an episode of Mad Men knows that the show goes down smoother with a Don Draper Old Fashioned in hand. You can't have a vodka martini without thinking "shaken not stirred," a la James Bond. And you definitely think twice about ordering a glass of Merlot after seeing how Paul Giamatti's character in Sideways feels about it. 

We learned about French 75's from Casablanca, Red Eyes from Cocktail, White Russians from The Dude in The Big Lebowski, and bourbon and Advocaats from Jack Torrance in The Shining. Which of these signature drinks is the most iconic? Vote on our list of famous drinks to share your boozy thoughts. Did we forget your favorite character's beverage of choice? Feel free to add it to the list!

So before you fire up that movie on Netflix, HBO, or your Blu-ray player, consult our list of signature drinks of famous characters. Then get blending, mixing, stirring... or shaking!
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  • The Dude's White Russian
    680 votes

    The Dude's White Russian

    The Dude from The Big Lebowski abides by his signature White Russian, which is two parts vodka, one part Kahlua, and one part heavy cream. 
  • James Bond's Shaken Martini
    615 votes

    James Bond's Shaken Martini

    Bond's vodka martini is infamously "shaken, not stirred." 
  • Homer Simpson's Duff Beer
    538 votes

    Homer Simpson's Duff Beer

    Duff beer started out as Homer's famous, but fictional, beer on The Simpsons. It's since become a real beer that you can find at Universal Studios. 
  • Ron Burgundy's Scotch
    469 votes

    Ron Burgundy's Scotch

    As well all know, Ron Burgundy loves his scotchy scotch scotch as much as we all love Anchorman