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10 Sure Signs That a Shy Guy Is Crushing on You

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Sometimes reading a shy dude can be like trying to read through the lines of a strangely-worded text message that may or may not be exactly what the texter means or the *complete opposite*. That analogy got away from me - what I really mean is that knowing how the shy dude in your life feels about you can be pretty tough. So we've compiled this list - signs your shy guy might actually be into you. 
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    He struggles to make eye contact

    Eyes are the window to the soul, which is part of why eye contact makes people feel so vulnerable. Shy dudes especially don't want you to see right through them with your eye contact. He also (obviously) doesn't want his eyes to betray his feelings for you. 
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    His friends start vaguely and teasingly alluding to it

    If shy guy's vibes are mysterious and inscrutable like shy guy himself, pay attention to how his friends act. Shy guy's friends will know much more about how he feels about you. 
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    His lines seem rehearsed

    Sometimes shy dudes sound weird because they're just really self-aware, and near-constantly monitoring how they're sounding (which, ironically, can make them sound a little weird). Chill, give them a break, and take note - maybe they're waiting for you to make the first move. 
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    You're one of the only people who makes him laugh

    A shy guy might have trouble talking to you, but if he likes you,  you're one of the few people who's able to make him crack up (which is maybe one of the reasons he likes you in the first place).
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