Graveyard Shift 10 Creepy Signs You Might Be A Psychopath  

Mick Jacobs

One of the scariest qualities about psychopaths is their ability to seamlessly blend in with the population of non-psychopaths around them. 

In fact, many psychopaths fail to realize they even exhibit psychopathic behavior, which means you likely interact with multiple psychopaths each day without knowing it. With that knowledge in mind, it can be difficult to go through your day without worrying whether or not your coworker plans to drive their pencil through your jugular.

To determine if someone qualifies as a psychopath, keep an eye out for certain tell-tale signs such as lack of empathy and a sense of self-importance. 

But don't be surprised if you discover you too exhibit those traits too. After all, psychopaths get through life by lying, even to themselves. Be honest with yourself while watching the video below.