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Signs Someone You Know Is, In Fact, A Lizard Person In Disguise

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Lizard people, reptilian-human hybrids, interdimensional shape shifters - whatever you want to call them, they're all around us trying to blend in and take our energy. To figure out whether or not that new guy at work is actually an alien or if he's just a bit weird, you need to brush up on your lizard people facts. What are lizard people? The concept of a reptilian race that can appear human originated in the 1930s and '40s, but it became popularized in the 1990s by British personality David Icke who believes that they're reptilian humanoids who seek to control the earth by draining humanity's energy. No one knows where they really come from, but you don't want to find yourself staring down their scale-covered eyes.

Lucky for you, the signs someone is a lizard person are mostly simple, and once you've learned what are lizard people really like, you'll be able to protect your friends and family from being manipulated by these horrific space creatures.

  • Lizard People Are Very Sensual

    The only thing that these reptilian people really care about is feeding off of human energy, but there are only so many ways to siphon our spirits. The easiest way to do this is by copulation. Their overt carnal nature isn't just because they like to drain our emotions, it's also another way in which they can dominate humanity.

    If a person in your life is obsessed with both intimacy and dominance, then you may be facing down a lizard person or reptilian-human hybrid. 

  • Ingesting Meat Makes Them Smell Awful

    One of the creepiest and most distinct things about reptilian people is the way they smell after eating meat. People who've had run-ins with lizard people claim that the odor is a strong musk that's reminiscent to a ripe armpit. You're most likely to notice this odor when among large groups of people.

    To mask this smell, they try to stick to a vegetarian diet. Some researchers believe that the smell comes from the meat causing the left brain to "overactivate" and bring out a lizard person's aggression. 

  • Lizard People Avoid The Sun

    This is the most obvious signifier of how to find a lizard person who's trying to control your world. Reptilians absolutely hate the sun and would rather hang out and do their creepy work in a cold, dark room. That being said, they're skilled at hiding the fact that they're overheating whenever they're outside.

    If you notice someone trying to cool down heavily after being outside, then they may be harboring reptilian traits. 

  • These Creatures Are Super Manipulative

    By their nature, lizard people are a dominant species of interdimensional creatures who exist to simply crush everyone around them. Their plans involve harvesting negative human energy and to do that they have to be incredibly manipulative. Keep in mind, though, that just because you've met someone who's super-manipulative doesn't mean that they're a lizard person.

    But take note of the rest of the things they do. Are they ticking the rest of the boxes on this list? If so, then you may be dealing with a reptilian.