Signs The Dead May Be Trying To Contact You From The Spirit Realm

The permanence of death can make the grieving process incredibly difficult for many people. The thought of not being able to talk to loved ones who have passed can be unbearable, but there could be ways to communicate with the dead. Could loved ones be trying to reach you from the other side? There are various signs the dead are trying to contact you. If you tune in to your senses and stay aware, you may get a message from beyond

From odd coincidences to outright sightings of deceased loved ones, people have reported some pretty eerie incidents of possibly paranormal encounters. While some people may find such experiences terrifying, other people gain comfort from otherworldly visitors. They considered these signs that their loved ones are still watching over them. If you're curious how to know when someone from the spirit realm is trying to reach you, keep an eye out for these signs. 

  • You May Actually See The Person

    While some signs may be subtle, some people have reported flat out seeing a deceased loved one as full or partial apparitions. These range in terms of clarity. You may only catch a transparent or fuzzy outline of the person out of the corner of your eye. You may also see the person in solid form standing right in front of you.

    A salon owner, Nina De Santo, shared a story with CNN about seeing a deceased client. One night, while closing her shop, a regular customer named Michael approached her. Michael had been having personal troubles and De Santo had helped him out. That night, he told her that he couldn’t stay long but wanted to thank her for everything. She would later learn that about nine hours before she saw Michael that night, he had taken his life.

  • You Feel Pains They Experienced In Death

    Many people have reported feeling a sensation just before or after a loved one passed that mimics that person’s cause of death. For example, author and psychiatrist Bernard Beitman reported that he had an inexplicable choking spell one day. He later learned his father had choked to death on his own blood at the same time that his sensation occurred.

    Some may argue that this is pure coincidence, but the exactness of the pain experienced could be a sign that his father was connected to him in some spiritual way, even if only for a brief moment.

  • You Receive Odd Text Messages, Emails, Or Phone Calls

    A very obvious sign often comes in the form of direct communication, sometimes with the help of technology. Take the case of Jack Froese, who passed in June 2011. In November of that year, family members began receiving detailed emails from Jack’s account recalling specific events and moments. While some may attribute this to a hacker, the family claims no one knew Froese’s password and many of the emails contain confidential information only Froese knew.

    In addition to email, people have reported phone calls or texts from unknown numbers in which they heard a deceased loved one speak or received an odd message. There is a wide range of technology a loved one may use to communicate from beyond.

  • Odd Coincidences Occur Frequently

    Odd coincidences may be a sign your loved one is trying to get in touch with you. You may notice strange patterns throughout the day that appear to be connected to a deceased friend or family member.

    For example, you may be thinking of your departed grandmother when a commercial for a product she used comes on the television set. Later, you may meet a supermarket cashier with her name while buying that product. If reminders like these seem to occur a lot in a single day or week, a loved one may be trying to reach you.

  • They Come To You In Dreams

    It’s not uncommon to dream of lost loved ones, as anything on your mind is bound to surface in the dream world. However, under some circumstances, dream visions can indicate a loved one is actually trying to contact you from beyond. These are called visitation dreams.

    How do you tell the difference between a regular dream and a visitation dream? Visitation dreams are usually incredibly vivid. They are also short and to the point. A clear message will be communicated to you, whether verbally or telepathically. Unlike a regular dream in which you may forget details over time, you will be able to recall most or all of the details of a visitation dream.

  • Items May Go Missing Or Move

    People who’ve lost a loved one sometimes report that items go missing without explanation. You may notice something from your closet has gone missing or an item has been moved. It may be an item that once belonged to your lost loved one or something of yours they admired during their life.

    Just as you are grieving, your loved one who has passed may be missing you as well and looking for a way to connect with you, even if it is just through something you owned.