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15 Signs The Lady In Black Is Trying To Reach You From The Beyond

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The Lady in Black. Her name alone is enough to send a chill down your spine. You might also know her as "Lilith," a title drawn from the Sumerian word "lilitu," meaning "wind spirit" or a female demon. Or perhaps you prefer to call her "Night Hag." No matter what you call her, she’s one of the spookier supernatural creatures haunting both modern and classic folklore. But what are the signs of the Night Hag? How do you know that the Lady in Black is trying to gobble you up? Like many demons, ghosts, and ghouls, there are many signs the Woman in Black is contacting you - you just have to know what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for traces of the Night Hag, there are some very creepy telltale signs that this ancient demon is out to swallow your soul. But the warning signs can be subtle. You'll have to be on full alert to escape her dreadful clutches. And remember: beware the woman in black.

  • You Experience Sleep Paralysis

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    The Night Hag is connected to a real-life phenomenon: sleep paralysis, which effects about 8% of the world's population. While experiencing sleep paralysis, people claim to be awake but unable to move because a dark figure is either looming over them or is physically holding them down. This mysterious and frightening sensation took on a darker meaning thanks to folklore, and is still sometimes referred to as "Old Hag Syndrome."

  • You Have Intense Nightmares

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    According to Scandinavian folklore, the Lady in Black causes both sleep paralysis and vivid nightmares. If you find yourself dealing with far-out nightmares on a regular basis, you may want to have a mystic of your preferred religion stop by to cleanse your home.

  • Burning Red Eyes Appear In Your Room

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    If you wake up in the dead of night and catch a glimpse of two red eyes, that's a distinct sign that you're being stalked by the legendary Night Hag. Her figure may be dark and shadowy, but her eyes are said to burn brightly. The real terror in this detail comes from the fact that the only time you're likely to see her eyes is when you wake up and she's sitting directly on your chest.

  • You Wake Up With Bruises

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    If you wake up with bruises on your body - especially if you don't feel like you've slept much - then you're probably dealing with a Lady in Black-type succubus who has been dining on your soul. In particular, be on the lookout for two knee-sized bruises on your chest.