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13 Signs You're That Annoying Parent On Social Media Everyone Else Complains About

Updated 5 Nov 2019 2.1k views13 items

No one wants to be that parent on Facebook. But how can you actually tell if you’re the absolute worst parent on Facebook? Well, it’s not easy because you likely think the 16 photos of your kid’s naptime were necessary. No, they were definitely not necessary, and none of your friends or followers like those repetitive pictures. They also didn’t like the gritty birth story you shared, the picture of your kid not knowing how to properly use a fork, or the update on your kid’s potty training. To the mind of a parent, these things are fascinating and exciting. To everyone else, it’s a tiny human who made a mess because they can’t hold a spoon. Why are we all looking at this? It simply doesn’t translate to the masses.

Being annoying online doesn’t just apply to parents. The average person can be just as annoying on social media. However, being a parent does give people a new way to inflict their followers and friends with obnoxious posts. Below we've compiled signs that you’re one of those social media parents and we’re only telling you because we love you. Well, we did love you before you gave us 76 different updates about your kid’s strep throat. That was unnecessary, Doug.

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