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17 Signs You Are Being Cheated On

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Have you ever wondered: Is my wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend cheating on me? You've met the love of your life, everything is going great, but then out of nowhere, things change – and you suspect your love may be cheating on you. Why do you think that? You say to yourself, "No way, not me," and you think you're just being paranoid. But your gut instinct is telling you otherwise. As much as you don't want to listen to that little voice in the back of your head, you know something's wrong.

Bi-sexual, straight, gay... Cheating knows no bounds. How can you tell if someone's cheating on you? This list of 17 signs you are being cheated on should help. After reading this, hopefully you'll have your answer: either your little voice is just playing tricks on you, or your baby's been playin' in another crib.

Love is a tricky thing. It takes a very brave person to put him or herself out there, to be willing to open up and share personal thoughts and feelings with someone else. So it may feel like the ultimate betrayal that your special someone has taken your love for granted. Truth is, you are right. But, you will survive. Cheaters don't discriminate, it can happen to anyone - if it does happen to you, hold your head high, and know that you aren't alone. But most of all, pay close attention to the lessons learned and know there will be other opportunities for you to love again.
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    The Worst-Case Scenario

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    Signed. Sealed. Delivered. If you walk in on your love getting it on with someone else, your suspicions have officially been confirmed.
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    Love Bites

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    If your lover has a hickey and tries to tell you it's something else, well, then that's your own fault for believing them.
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    A Brand New STD

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    The Holy Grail of cheating signs. Hopefully this never happens to you, of course, but if your lover suddenly shows signs they have contracted an STD - when you know for a fact they never had one prior - that's a sure sign your love is playing on the side. Moreover, they weren't smart about it. First thing? Get tested. Second thing? Plot their demise.
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    That's Odd. I Don't Remember Buying This

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    Unexplained Items: "Honey, when did you get this new wallet?" "Baby, that's a great new piece of jewelry. When did you get it?" "Lover, is that your Starbucks cup you left in the car? Since when do you like coffee?" And the clincher? Well, should you find some underwear beneath your bed that isn't yours, yeah, that usually will seal the deal. (Oh, and if you fall for the ol'  "That underwear must've been left behind in the community laundry machine and got mixed in with my laundry by mistake" line, well yeah... while possible, it's pretty unlikely.)
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