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20 Signs You Are Going to Be Fired

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Getting fired is never fun, even from a job you don't even like. For most of us, getting the axe usually feels like it came out of nowhere and it usually happens without any warning signs, at the most inconvenient of times (hello, bills and rent). You can be left reeling from the rejection and asking yourself the same questions: What did I do wrong? Why didn't I see that I was going to be fired? Was it because I threw up on the receptionist at the Christmas party? This list has all the warning signs for those moments of doubt, to confirm or denying your thought, "am I going to get fired?"

Though unemployment has its perks (hello, sleeping in and Netflix), sitting in your pajamas, perusing Craigslist, and drinking beer at three in the afternoon just because, definitely has its downsides too. Even though we all love the idea of not having to go to work, we all eventually have to put on our grown up pants and look for other employment. And we all know what they say ("they" being our parents): "Looking for a job is a job." Yeah, no thanks.

To avoid all that heartache (and a drinking problem), we've compiled these warning signs that you may be getting the boot sooner than you think. If you're being excluded from work functions, being demoted, or having to explain what exactly it is you do on a day to day basis (Facebook stalking your ex doesn't count), there's probably a good chance you're getting the old heave ho. To avoid further disappointment, we've figured out some major warning signs that you're going to be fired, and some tips about how to avoid getting fired. Best of luck!

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    Reduced Responsibilities

    Did your daily work responsibilities suddenly take a nosedive? Instead of doing a million things at once, are you all of a sudden tasked with getting coffee for the office? If so, you might be heading for a firing. 
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    Someone Else Is Hired For a Very Similar Position

    Does it suddenly feel like half of your coworkers have been replaced by thirsty, go-getter postgrads? You might be next, because the new blood is well, out for blood. 
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    Exclusion From Meetings

    Ever heard the phrase, "High school is never really over"? If you suddenly feel like a Cady to your coworkers' Regina, chances are you're getting axed. 
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    Poor Evaluations

    Like a movie review, a work evaluation can either skyrocket you to the top of the box office, or have you slumming it like a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. 
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    You See Your Job Advertised Online

    Say you're unhappy with your current job and you decide to hit up the old Craigslist to see what else is out there. If your boss has listed your position, you should take the opportunity and beat them to the punch by quitting.
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    If suddenly you go from CEO to Joe Blow, we suggest you take some time (outside of work of course) to update that resume of yours and hit up Craigslist ASAP. 
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    Your Boss Starts Changing His/Her Demeanor

    Was your boss once friendly and accommodating towards you and is now colder than ice cold? Try setting up a meeting with him or her to get back to friendlier terms, otherwise get ready for a not so friendly goodbye.
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    Your Excessive Tardiness or Absences Become a Problem

    Believe it or not, employers always notice who comes in first and who leaves last. That extra effort can make or break an employee, and it's usually the unreliable ones who get shown the door first.
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    You're Left Out of Work Functions and/or Social Functions

    Don't be that one employee who never got the holiday party invite. If you're being avoided by everyone (coworkers and management included) there's a good chance you'll be dismissed.
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    You're Out of the Office Loop

    No one wants to be Milton. If you're being excluded from the office gossip, and after hour drinks with the boss, you might be getting canned. 
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    You Make a Major Mistake That Affects The Whole Company

    The lesson of "we all make mistakes" has been drilled into us since preschool. Work, like, life, has its ups and downs and its successes and failures. However, if you just blew a major deal that caused the company irreparable damage, get ready to take a very long vacation.
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    Being Frequently Reminded of Your Responsibilities

    How many times does your boss have to remind you that work is for work and Facebook is for the long subway ride home? If you're constantly being reminded to stay focused on your responsibilities, be prepared to get let go.
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    Asking You To Explain Your Job Description

    Let's be frank, your employer knows what's expected of you and so do you. If you're constantly being asked to explain what it is exactly you do to upper management, your company may be aiming to replace you. 
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    Shade Starts Getting Thrown Your Way

    Does it feel like even the barista who sells you your morning coffee is throwing you some major side eye? Better step it up soon, because nobody is impressed.
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    Assigning You a Mentor or Support

    Does it seem like none of your coworkers have their work monitored, yet all of a sudden you get assigned a babysitter? No one likes to be micromanaged, and you should take this as a sign to get your work in shape. 
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    Complaining to You About Your Attitude

    Have you had coworkers, customers, or upper management complain about your less than enthusiastic attitude? A bad attitude doesn't make you special or cool, and you should keep in mind that there are a lot more positive people waiting in line for your job. 
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    You've Recently Been Disciplined

    If you received a write-up from upper management, take it as a learning opportunity and try your damn best to do better. Past disciplinary actions make it easier for your employer to fire you suddenly, so you better start working that booty off.
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    You're Referenced By Situations Not By Name

    Have you noticed that the amazing projects you've been bringing to the table are never accredited to you by name? If your boss is failing to give you credit (or even has to ask your name, six months in), you're probably getting a pink slip. 
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    Your Personal Life Is Affecting Your Work Life

    No one wants to hear about how hungover you are on a Tuesday morning, and no one wants to hear your personal calls to your ex, begging them to take you back. It's the height of unprofessional, and it can very easily lead to a firing. 
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    All Your Coworkers Get a Raise But You

    We think it's safe to say that if people didn't get paid for work, no one would be employed. If all of your colleagues got a merit-based raise, and you didn't, take the opportunity to start checking out other employment options.