Signs You're Sabotaging Your Relationship Without Even Knowing It

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You’re happy with your current partner. You’ve been together for years; this is the one that’s going to last. They make you happy, you make them happy. But is that what you really want? Could it be that you secretly want out? Could it be that you're sabotaging your relationship without even knowing it? It’s true, sometimes we have no idea what we actually want in life.

Here’s how you're ruining your relationship without even knowing it. Don’t think that’s possible? Think you would be aware if you were doing that? Think again.

Spending too much time with friends? Do you talk about your ex a lot? Do you rummage through your partner’s phone? Those could all be signs you're secretly sabotaging your relationship. Read about those ways you may be putting your love life at risk and more in the list below.