Total Nerd 25 Signs You Just Don't Care About Star Wars Anymore  

Jacob Shelton
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Is anyone else sick of Star Wars? It’s great JJ Abrams brought the series back to its original glory and all, but weren’t things better when fans only had the unattainable beauty inherent in the original trilogy (on Laserdisc or VHS)? With all these flashy directors taking care of the new trilogy and the one-off Star Wars stories, the entire series feels kind of blah. Gone are the days when it was just nerds flocking around lightsabers and Death Stars; today, fandom includes not just the geeks but the guys and girls next door. As it becomes more geared towards the masses, aren’t you feeling tired of Star Wars?

Before you scream at your computer and proclaim your love for Golden Robot and his small friend, know it's okay not to love Star Wars like you used to. You’re not supposed to be amazed by the space battles, feel like you can be blue-milk aficionado Luke Skywalker, or have to stomach the franchise's descent into mainstream mediocrity. Let someone else carry the torch for this never-ending corporation masquerading as a film. You’ve done your time, now go live your life.

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You're Fine With Ewoks

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You've Taken Your Action Figures Out Of Their Boxes

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Standing In Line For Opening Day Seems Pointless

1,081 955
The Idea of Fan Ownership Over A Major Franchise Has Begun To Seem Ridiculous

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The Outcome Of An Intergalactic War Doesn't Compare To Having To Pay Bills

864 1,242
You Don't Care Who Shot First

771 1,181
When Asked About Your Feelings On The New Trilogy You Simply Sigh

749 1,184
Cute Robots No Longer Do Anything For You

657 1,185
Disney's Star Wars Land Has Failed To Stir Any Feelings In You

666 1,247
It Wouldn't Bother You If Jar Jar Binks Popped Up In A New Movie

509 1,109
You're Actually Okay With George Lucas Ruining Your Childhood

546 1,206
Teaser Trailers Are Meaningless To You

467 1,132
The Battle Between Good Vs. Evil Seems Trite When You Can Read The News

448 1,211
The Lack Of An Opening Crawl Means Nothing To You

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364 1,306
When Han Bit The Dust You Were Actually Jealous That He Got To Escape The Franchise

329 1,416
You Still Haven't Seen Rogue One

268 1,214
You Watched The Force Awakens On Your Laptop

287 1,322
Any Mention Of Using The Force Makes You Physically Ill

229 1,260
You Avoid People Wearing Star Wars Merch

200 1,264
It's Too Hard To Get Invested In A Story For Children

152 1,278
You Find Yourself Being Jealous Of People Who Have Never Seen The Series

142 1,278
Spaceships Give You No Joy

140 1,268
You've Covered Up All Of Your Rebel Alliance Tattoos

120 1,311
You Swapped Out Your Star Wars Art For Star Trek Art

69 1,348
You're Actually Piers Morgan