22 Things You Only Understand If You Grew Up on Console Video Games

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Video gaming and the culture surrounding it have gone mainstream. What used to be a niche hobby is now enjoyed by people of all ages, thanks to the advent of smartphones and tablets. But ask any longtime gamer, and they'll tell you: you just aren't a gamer if you didn't grow up with a console.

Growing up on console video games was a truly unique experience. Newbies don't understand what it's like to play console video games, and the specific triumphs and tragedies that come along with this type of equipment. From fighting with friends over Sega versus Nintendo or losing your instruction manual in the couch cushions, there were countless aspects to growing up on consoles that you had to experience for yourself to understand - preferably while sitting uncomfortably close to a television screen.

Read through this list of things you understand if you grew up on console video games, and vote your personal picks for most relatable up to the top.

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    Blowing On Cartridges

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    Having To Use The Reset Button Due To Freezing

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    Controller Cords Being Too Short

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    Not Being Able To Save Your Progress

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    Red, Yellow, And White A/V Plug-Ins

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    Not Having Enough Controllers