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15 Eerie Indications Your Past Lives Are Seeping Into The Present

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If you've ever experienced memories that do not seem to be your own, had the feeling of déjà vu, or dreamed vividly about people and places you've never seen, these may be signs you've led a past life. Also known as reincarnation, living more than one life is a popular belief in Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as in New Age spirituality. Recognizing signs of past lives can give insight and meaning to the life we currently have. 

Dr. Ian Stevenson is probably the most famous researcher of reincarnation and evidence of past lives, collecting stories of reincarnation from children who remember their former selves. His work is seen as the strongest reincarnation proof to date. Some of the evidence he collected can be found in the anecdotes below.

Were you once a gladiator? Did you help build the Pyramids? Perhaps you fought in the Revolutionary War? How would you even know? Read on for the most common indicators you've lived a past life.

  • You Have Vivid, Recurrent Dreams

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    Dreams can be a reflection of many things, including issues your brain is trying to process, stress, or past trauma. They can also be a sign you've lived a past life. Specific places or people that seem oddly familiar and recognizable in your dreams but are foreign to you in waking life may actually be things you've experienced before. A woman who dreamed of herself in 1940s clothing, speaking to a group of soldiers, later discovered through a past life regression that she had previously died during World War II. 

  • Some Of Your Memories Seem Out Of Place

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    Memories play an important part in our functioning as human beings. Without our memory, we wouldn't be able to remember who, what, or where we are, as well as anything outside of ourselves. But having memories of places, people, or specific events we've never experienced is a likely sign of a past life.

    A young boy told his mother he used to be someone else. Further investigation revealed memories of living and working in Hollywood, including specific facts like having three sons. The boy was even able to recognize himself in an old photo from a movie set. 

  • You Experience Déjà Vu

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    You may visit a place you've been before or meet someone you used to interact with, sparking memories of your past experiences with these people or places. However, when you have the same feeling of past recognition but in a situation that's completely new, it's known as déjà vu. This disorienting feeling can be triggered by sight, smell, sound, taste, or touch, and it is claimed 60-70% of people have experienced this feeling at some point.

    A woman visiting a Titanic artifact exhibition suddenly had feelings of claustrophobia and seasickness from being on a rocking ship. She also noticed a ring from a passenger on display that she immediately recognized as her own. 

  • Certain Cultures Or Time Periods Attract You

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    Perhaps you have an affinity for ancient Greece, the Japanese Edo period, or World War I, but you have absolutely no reason why. Having an attraction to certain cultures, environments, or time periods with no explanation could also be a sign you have lived a past life.

    A woman who always chose to be the Native American when playing with her sister suddenly felt a sense of fear and dread when traveling through Arizona. A past life regression revealed memories of fighting with white settlers as a Native American and being killed on the same mesa she had seen.