There's A Good Chance You're Being Watched By The CIA Right Now

Are you just being paranoid, or is that white van parked outside your house one of many signs that you're being watched by the CIA? And if you're almost certain that you're under surveillance, how do you know if you're on a watch list?

Glad you asked! The CIA might indeed be watching if they deem you important and powerful enough, or if you pose some sort of perceived threat to society. Sure, that white van could just be the next door neighbor's maintenance man, but it could also be a sign of clandestine government operations against you. 

This list is dedicated to the surveillance state we gladly surrender our personal information to each time we share our location on Facebook, or use Google Maps to find our way around town. Oh yes, Big Brother is watching, because frankly, we relish in the convenience he offers, so indulge your paranoid tendencies and read on.