Graveyard Shift Signs You Might Be A Psychic  

Beth Elias
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What are the signs someone is psychic? They can range from a tendency to experience déjà vu often to just particularly accurate gut feelings. There may not be a machine to detect it, but there are still ways to tell if you or someone you know is psychic. Similar to witch signs that connect those attuned with nature, mediums know how to tell if you're psychic by assessing how you interact with the world.

Whether it's a gift with animals, babies, or strangers, you could possess a psychic ability. Even scents can be associated with a psychic talent. And don't worry, you won't need a Ouija board and a dark basement to contact your spiritual side. Many people have psychic abilities, and all you have to do is practice them consciously to turn a slight aptitude into a bonafide skill.

You've Narrowly Avoided Disasters
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Precognition is the term psychics use for the gift of knowing something will happen before it does. If you've ever made a last-minute decision to drive a different route home from work and later learn that you avoided a major car accident, then you may have this gift.

Precognition is different from a premonition, which is a general feeling that something may happen. Precognition reveals a specific event is happening in the near future, usually within 48 hours. 

You Rock At Putting Together Stuff From IKEA
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If you're good at putting things together, you could be psychic. People who intuitively understand how different objects or pieces of evidence fit together often have psychic abilities. This can manifest as the ability to quickly assemble furniture or easily complete mazes and word puzzles.

You Hear Things That Aren't There

Clairaudience, or the hearing of messages or sounds, is a tricky skill to assess. The sensation can be a sign of a physical injury or mental illness, so you first have to make sure that you're mentally and physically well before you can ask if what you're hearing is related to a psychic ability. These sounds could exist in your head, or they could come from objects around you in the real world.

If the voices are helpful, this is an even stronger sign of clairaudience (a sure sign that it's not clairaudience is if voices tell you to act out of character). Clairaudient experiences are kind and helpful, not scary. 

You Have Vivid Dreams

Has a deceased friend or relative contacted you in your dreams? That could also be an indicator of clairvoyance at work. Dreams may be one of the easiest ways to tell that you could have psychic ability. If your dreams are intense, colorful, memorable, and seem incredibly real, it's entirely possible that you have a burgeoning skill.

If you want to cultivate your psychic abilities, try to focus on engaging more with your dream life.