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15 Signs Your Hot New Boyfriend Might Be An Actual Supernatural Vampire

Of course your boyfriend is a babe - he's your boyfriend and you only date the sexiest dudes on the meat market. The fact that he might just be a vampire makes him even more tantalizing, but how do you know if he's actually a vampire or just a pale-skinned hunk? Real-life vampires have a series of qualities that they share with no other living thing, so if your boyfriend has multiple vampire traits then you’re likely dating a member of the undead and should just get used to it. The first step in figuring out whether or not your boyfriend is a vampire is to learn what a vampire looks like, and then see if your beau shares any of the qualities that have been laid out on this list of signs that you're dating a vampire. From there it’s up to you to decide how you want your relationship to fold out.

Maybe you’ve been suspecting that your boyfriend is a vampire for a while now: Does he stay out all night and come home with the smell of blood on his breath? Does he consistently curse God and all that is holy? How much blood does he drink? If you’re wondering how to spot a vampire, then you’ve come to the right place. This run down of how to know if you’ve entered a union with a super sexy member of the undead will help you determine whether or not you’re dating a guy who just happens to look great in leather, or if your boyfriend is the real, bloodsucking deal.