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Tell-Tale Signs Your Child Is Possessed By A Demon

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If you are reading this then you might have found yourself faced with a parenting nightmare so strange you never even thought to be afraid of it in your pre-parenthood life. Somehow you've found yourself the parent of the child from Hell. Possibly, quite literally. 

Chances are good your child wasn't always like this. They were probably a sweet tempered and affectionate baby. Then one day, things started to change. Maybe you woke up in the middle of the night to find them staring at you, eyes glowing. Or maybe you found them levitating in their bed one night. No matter how it started, if you're here you're probably wondering "is my child possessed by the devil or some other demon?"

If this is the case, then check out this step by step guide to determining if your child is possessed by a demon, for a comprehensive list of warning signs of demon possession, as well as advice specific to child possession.

Disclaimer, please do not attempt to perform an exorcism on your (or any!) children you believe to be possessed by demons. If you are genuinely concerned for your child's safety or well being, please seek professional help immediately.

  • Look For Mild Signs Of Possession

    Are you frequently woken by your child's bloodcurdling screams, guttural noises, or their glowing eyes peering out at you from the dark? Maybe your child has been excessively vomiting, saying strange things, or has a sudden fascination with all things morbid.

    These are all mild signs of possession, and may be cause for concern. Try taking your child to church or another holy ground and see how they react.

  • Try To Cleanse The Child With A Prayer

    If your child's possession doesn't seem too extreme, you can try to cleanse them with a prayer. Taunt your demonic adversary with an extremely long prayer, and eventually he or she will reward you with a reaction. The demon will see you as an adversary, and come ready for a fight.

    So prepare yourself, things could get messy. But if your child comes at you with fists flying during your prayer, you can be certain this is genuine demonic possession you're dealing with.

  • Look For Extreme Signs Of Possession

    Maybe you wrote off the initial signs off your child's possession as weird coincidences or unexplainable illnesses. But, it's hard to dismiss your child fainting with their eyes rolled back in their had as they levitate several feet above the ground. These are extreme signs of possession.

    If you walk into the room and find your child rapidly and unnaturally moving their limbs, spinning their head around 360 degrees, or speaking in tongues, you're most likely dealing with a demon.

  • Make Sure It’s A Demon And Not A Ghost

    So you're pretty sure you're dealing with possession? Before you can take the next step to getting rid of that demon, you need to get your facts straight. Dealing with a ghostly possession is different than that of a demon. According to Spiritual Research Foundation,

    "Being affected by ghosts (demons, devils, negative energies, etc.) means there is no direct control by the ghosts over the mind and intellect of the affected person."


    "Demonic possession is when a ghost controls the mind (emotions or thoughts) and intellect (decision making ability) of a person by merging with the person’s consciousness. As a result, they also control the person’s actions." 

    So, if your child's body, mind, and spirit all seem possessed, then you're in demon country.