25 Signs Your Friends Secretly Hate Your Significant Other

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Being in a long term, committed relationship is hard – especially when the person on the other end of your loving embrace is the equivalent to a vat of acid to your best friends. For anyone who is actually trying to make love work in this crazy world, it’s incredibly important that your friends like your boyfriend or girlfriend. When they don’t it can be emotionally brutal. If you’ve ever said, “my friends don't like my boyfriend,” to your mom in a weepy phone conversation, or found yourself screaming, “everyone hates my boyfriend,” to the stars then you’ll understand these signs that your friends hate your significant other all too well.

Every new relationship meets its first real test when you introduce your boyfriend, girlfriend, or gender neutral sex partner to your friends. If they don’t like whomever you’re bringing around it can lead to a painful breakup where you have to choose between friends and love, and that’s a romantic comedy that no one wants to star in. Do you lie awake at night thinking, “My friends don't like my girlfriend?” Or are you reading this and asking yourself “What if my friends don't like the person I'm dating?” If any of these things are happening then it probably means that they don’t like your significant other, but you should probably vote on the biggest indicators that everyone hates your significant other anyway, and then have a tough conversation with your buddies. 

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    Your Friends Don't Invite Your Significant Other To Parties

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    They Never Have Anything To Say About Your Significant Other

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    They Never Ask About His Aspirations

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    When Your Significant Other Is Around It's Like They're Invisible

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    They Remind You About The Worst Things Your Boyfriend Has Done

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    Your Friends Don't Want To Come To Her Birthday Party