25 Signs Your Parents Like Your Siblings More Than You

Growing up with a sibling is a truly unique experience, so much so that anyone who lived as an only child will never understand the pain and complete weirdness of your parents treating your sibling like royalty while you’re treated like second-hand news. Call it the Cinderella syndrome if you like, but parents are unfair, and when parents treat kids differently the kids know it and it affects them for the rest of their lives. If you have the sneaking suspicion that your parents like your sibling better than you then, you need to keep reading and uncover the clues that could lead you to an emotional breakthrough. Unfortunately, there’s no signpost for how to use this information and you have to figure that out for yourself.

Do you find yourself wondering, “Do my parents like my sister more, or do my parents like my brother more?” Then you’re probably onto something. It’s normal to be unsure about where you stand in the sibling hierarchy, but if you feel like your parents love you less than your brother or sister then that’s probably exactly what’s happening. Take a look at your family photos, have you been pushed to the back? Are you even in them? If it seems like one of your siblings is getting top billing over you then it may be time to frank discussion with your parents about their relationship with their children. Or just ignore it. Whatever works for you.

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    You And Your Sibling Have Wildly Different Recollections Of Your Childhood

  • 2

    They Put Your Emotional Needs After Everything Else

  • 3

    You Have To Beg Your Parents To Do Stuff That Your Siblings Get To Do

  • 4

    It Feels Like Your Parents Wish You Were Doing Something Different With Your Life

  • 5

    Your Sibling Was Never In Trouble When You Were Growing Up

  • 6

    Your Parents Are Distant From You

  • 7

    The Gifts Your Parents Give Your Siblings Are Much More Thoughtful Than What They Give You

  • 8

    Your Parents Actively Helped Your Sibling With Their Homework

  • 9

    Your Parents Never Display Your Accomplishments But Keep Your Sibling's Trophies

  • 10

    Your Sibling And Parents Have Inside Jokes

  • 11

    Your Mom Calls Your Sibling Every Day

  • 12

    Your Parents Have Never Made Your Siblings Do The Dishes

  • 13

    Your Parents Ask Your Siblings For Advice

  • 14

    They've Never Taken You Out For Dinner By Yourself

  • 15

    Your Parents Don't Make Your Favorite Food

  • 16

    You Were Never Able To Borrow Money From Your Parents, But Your Siblings Could

  • 17

    Your Parents Tell You To Move Out Of Your Sibling's Favorite Spot Even When They Aren't Around

  • 18

    Your Parents Dig Your Sibling's Significant Other And Hate Yours

  • 19

    You Always Have To Do Your Own Laundry

  • 20

    There Aren't Any Childhood Photos Of You Around Your Parent's House

  • 21

    It Was Hard To Get Your Parents To Sign Off On Your College Decisions

  • 22

    Your Parents Have Regularly Scheduled Coffee Dates With Your Sibling

  • 23

    Your Parents Never Let You Name Your Pet

  • 24

    Your Parents Have Forgotten You Multiple Times On A Road Trip

  • 25

    Your Mom And Sibling Have Matching Tattoos