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Signs Your Significant Other Is Slowly Poisoning You To Death

Poison has been one of the most popular methods of murder for centuries. When one person in a relationship decides that murder is the best way out, poison is obviously more discrete than a violent killing. Murder by poison can go undetected if it's done perfectly, but killers often make mistakes and can let slip some poisoning warning signs. 

These stories of murder and attempted murder came with some big clues that poison was the culprit. So is your boyfriend poisoning you? Is your girlfriend poisoning you? Anything's a possibility. Even if you're married you might not be safe. If you're looking for signs your spouse is secretly poisoning you, read on for some of the major warning signs. 

  • Your Soda Tastes A Little Too Sweet

    Adding antifreeze to a partner's drink seems to be a rather popular method of poisoning. Ethylene glycol, the active ingredient in antifreeze, is odorless, colorless, and sweet tasting. In 2006, a Cleveland, Ohio, woman was arrested for adding the toxic substance to her partner's tea. He died after experiencing stomach pains for several days.

    In another case, Stacey Castor murdered her first husband with antifreeze and almost got away with murdering her second husband the same way. She staged his death to look like a suicide, but when police caught on, she tried to place the blame on her daughter.

    Castor gave her 20-year-old daughter Ashley a cocktail of vodka and prescription medication, then wrote a fake suicide note in which Ashley admitted to killing both her father and step-father. Ashley survived the ordeal and Stacey went to prison.

  • Your Bottle Of Visine Is Running Low

    Visine, is great if you have red, irritated eyes. It is decidedly less great, however, if you ingest a large dose of it. One California man snuck some Visine drops into his girlfriend's drink one night after getting into a fight. After experiencing stomach problems, she found text messages in his phone that detailed his plan to poison her and reported him to the police.

  • Your Drink Is A Strange Color

    You should be suspicious of any drinks that have an unusual color. A Kentucky woman, for example, called police after noticing that a cup of coffee her estranged husband had given her had a strange green tint.

    Tests determined that he added rat poison to her drink. He admitted to the attempted poisoning when questioned by police. Apparently he had a girlfriend at the time. Rather than go through the whole divorce process, he decided that poison was his best option.

  • Your Partner Starts Making You Take Vitamins

    Your partner may seem loving and supportive by offering you vitamin supplements, but the pills could actually be poison in disguise. A doctor in Cleveland, Ohio, for example, started giving his wife some calcium supplements.

    One day, on the way to the movies, she started feeling sick and called a friend. She told her friend about her symptoms and said she thought some pills her husband had given her were to blame. She passed out while driving and died from cyanide poisoning.

    The victim's mother believes that her daughter made the phone call so that her husband wouldn't get away with murder.