12 Spooky Signs Your Pet Might Be Clairvoyant  

Amber Fua
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Animals consistently prove their amazing ability to sense things that we are usually not even remotely aware of. What's more, they are able to find ways to communicate with us in ways that we don't understand. It is speculated that animals have an exclusive second (or "sixth") sense, and they may also have clairvoyant abilities.

The effect that this concept has on pet owners is certainly interesting, creating the space for them to question their pet's behaviors in terms of psychic possibilities. You've probably read stories about pets predicting earthquakes or pets predicting the future – but is your pet psychic or just overly-sensitive? Read this list of signs indicating that your pet is clairvoyant, and decide for yourself what to believe.

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It Appears To Perceive Something That Isn't Visibly Present

People often infer that animals have a sixth sense as far as the paranormal is concerned. There are several anecdotal stories of pets seeming to see ghosts, but this story from Don W. is eerily noteworthy. Don claims that in the summer of 1972, he and his family experienced a sudden blast of cool air rush down the stairs of their non-air-conditioned home. Their cat hissed and immediately froze with its hair standing straight up. As the mysterious breeze died down, the cat shook itself, relaxed its fur, and trotted upstairs as if nothing happened. 

Don's father revealed that when he was growing up in the very same house, one of his older brothers had been accidentally shot and killed with an old .22 rifle while playing cowboys and Indians. It could be speculated that their family cat sensed the spirit of Don's uncle.

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It Reacts In A Familiar Way To Something When Nothing Seems To Be There

Evidence of extrasensory perception in animals is scarce and typically unreliable, but some stories exemplifying it are too chilling to ignore. In her 2009 book Tails of the Afterlife, Peggy Schmidt talks about a woman named Del Johnsen who was the owner of seven dogs and six cats before passing away.

Numerous people claim to have witnessed Johnsen's previous pets gathering together in one spot almost every day. The cats purr and arch their backs, and the dogs roll over as if receiving belly rubs before they all direct their attention to one spot in midair. If the tales are true, maybe the pets are being visited by their former owner.

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It Regards Certain Spaces With Fear

Sometimes pets refuse to enter particular rooms, and the reasoning behind this unwillingness remains a mystery to their owners. A similar story is that of Reddit user Lillibeth. Lillibeth states that after moving into an old house with her grandparents, her dog Lola began acting strangely out of nowhere. She hovered on the edge of the bed, following something in the air with her eyes. Lola didn't respond to Lillibeth when she called out her name, but she soon curled up against her and spent the rest of the night glancing over the edge of the bed.

The house was supposedly around 100 years old, so would it be too absurd to assume that Lola realized that the room was haunted?

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It Can Intuitively Sense Health Or Emotional States

Sometimes your pet knows you better than you know yourself, and the connection it has with your wellbeing could be considered a sort of second-sight. Such is the case for Lisa S. who wrote in a psychic pet story about her Corgi named Cassie. 

Cassie ate Lisa's prescription sunglasses one day. Without prescription glasses to wear while driving, Lisa had to make a long-overdue appointment with an eye doctor. She hadn't had her eyes checked for two years, so imagine her surprise when the doctor told her she had two growths on the back of both of her eyes. Apparently the growths had been there for about a year and were prevented from being flushed out of her system because of medication she was on. If she had waited any longer, the growths could have caused her to lose her eye sight.