Signs Your Significant Other Is Falling Out Of Love With You

Whether you're dating in your twenties or dating in your thirties, everybody wants to fall in love. But unfortunately, falling out of love happens, too. People expect that fiery spark to stay forever, but in reality, building a lasting relationship is more than just that initial honeymoon phase. It's a lot of work, and sadly, not everyone makes it. When one person is not in love anymore and has no interest in investing their heart and time into the relationship, it becomes unhealthy for both people involved. 

It's never easy to admit changed feelings or to know the reason why you don't feel loved. If you feel like you're constantly asking yourself, "Does my boyfriend/girlfriend love me?" take a look at these behavioral indications that may show someone is struggling with a loss of emotional connection. These common changes are signs that for at least one person in the relationship, they're falling out of love. 

Photo: Metaweb / GNU Free Documentation License

  • They Don't Want To Make Future Plans

    If your significant other has stopped making plans for the future with you, it may be a sign that they are no longer certain they want to be with you and have started considering your breakup to be a real possibility. Whether it be refusing to save up for a great vacation next year or dodging a friend's wedding that you both RSVPed to next week, such behavior is a definite red flag. 

  • They've Become Defensive

    Open and honest discussions are important in any relationship - even arguments are necessary and should be conducted in a healthy manner. But if the slightest comment seems to send your significant other into defensive mode, lashing out and projecting, they may be emotionally checking out of the relationship and are unusually impatient as a result.

  • You No Longer Feel Like A Priority

    One of the best things about being in a relationship is being that special person in someone's life. But as feelings fade, that special person can start to feel less important than other aspects of life. People who are losing their strong feelings for their significant other may stop making them a priority in their lives. 

  • No More Dates

    The beginning of a relationship is often filled with a flurry of fun and exciting dates, but as the relationship feels comfortable, this typically slows down. This is normal, but if the dates have stopped completely, and your partner seems to dread alone time, they may be dealing with a loss of spark. 

  • It Feels Like They Are Avoiding You

    Your SO was always there with you. You were practically inseparable, and everything was better when you did it together. Now, it's hard to even get ahold of them, and they never seem to never be able to make plans anymore. If this sounds familiar, your significant other might be creating distance between the two of you because they are planning to end things soon. 

  • They Don't Seem Engaged

    If your significant other seems to consistently be miles away when you are talking to them, that could be a sign that they are just not emotionally invested anymore. A lack of engagement and a sense of distance even when you are in the same room indicates a struggling relationship.