13 Warning Signs Your Significant Other Is About To Snap And Kill You  

Brandon Michaels
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Most spouses don't imagine their significant others will be the ones to murder them. Our defenses are certainly down when it comes to our loved ones and those near and dear to us are the last we'd suspect of harming us. But considering that family are usually the first suspects in most homicides, would it not make sense to preemptively consider the possibility of death by a partner? The signs your significant other may want to kill you are more obvious than you'd think.

Most of the time, it's the little things. The stuff one doesn't notice until it's too late. "Oh, he's not controlling, he just likes to know where I am." "She's not jealous, she just doesn't like it when other girls hit on me." "He thinks I'm perfect in every way. How romantic!"

As it turns out, all of these could actually be early warning signs that your significant other is going to snap and kill you in a fit of rage. Sure, maybe everything is cool right now, things are totally normal, but at the drop of a hat your partner could fly into a fit of rage. A night of drinking or a bad day at work could be all it takes for your S.O. to finally lose it. And the worst part? If they are a true psychopath, they won't even feel bad about it after.

Check out these surefire signs your significant other might kill you, before it's too late! 

They Order For You At Restaurants
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If your significant other is particularly controlling it may be a red flag that they're going to snap and kill you. Psychopaths are so "intent on exerting some kind of control over the people around them, they often hold back bits of crucial information in a bid to maintain power over the situation, gain attention and assert a warped sense of authority."

An "intense controlling behavior" is also common in people who kill their spouses, so if your S.O. is ordering your meals for you in a restaurant without asking you first, or if they tell you "not to worry" about who was on the phone or what your plans for the weekend will be, they could be capable of far darker actions, as well. 

You Think You Get Your Way A Lot
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If your husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend seems to have a way with words, that silver-tongued devil just might be planning to kill you. Psychiatrists say that "apparent vulnerability and the need to please have been used time and time again by serial killers as a way of hiding a sinister personality." 

Manipulating their victims into doing what they want is a key characteristic of serial killers. Often times, victims don't even realize what's going on until it's too late. They believe they're in control of the situation and their ideas are their own.

So, if you think you get your way a lot in the relationship, but come to think of it, maybe it's usually their idea to begin with, it may be time to consider that your S.O. is the one wearing the murderous pants in the relationship.

They Charm You Into Doing Things You Wouldn't Normally Want To Do
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If your significant other always seems to know the right thing to say or knows how to point out the things you like least about yourself, it may be a sign they have evil intentions. Psychiatrists agree "serial killers tend to have a good grasp of other people’s emotions and are quick to pick up on vulnerabilities in order to convince them into doing things they normally would not."

Serial killers are great at figuring out what you desire in another person to turn themselves into everything you've dreamed of. So, if your new hottie seems too good to be true, that might actually be the case. 

They Seem To Be Liked By Everyone
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The most common response acquaintances of murderers relay to the media is "they seemed so normal." Because of their inner turmoil and darkness, killers often go out of their way to appeal to those around them, doing whatever they can to appear "normal."

Many convicted killers were the "pillar of their community" and great friends to those around them. A perfect way to sneak up on unsuspecting victims.

So if, in addition to your partner being particularly average, they tend not to trash talk the Home Owners Association members or PTA parents with you, it may be because they're trying to stay on everyone's good side for when you mysteriously go missing in the near future.