Breakups 25 Signs Your Significant Other Loves You, But Doesn't Like You  

Mel Judson
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Love is a funny thing. The only constant is its constant evolution; it exists as nothing more than mercurial emotions that must be tended like a fire. In some cases, love grows into an unbreakable bond that makes the word “relationship” seem like an understatement. But most relationships never reach this level of unyielding dedication, and instead burn out like a raging furnace that consumed all its oxygen and died a brutal, fast death. To cut that kind of attrition off at the pass, you need to recognize warning signs in your relationship. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself alone in an empty apartment with a bottle of wine and some Smiths records wondering why you wasted years of your life.

Can you love someone without liking them? This is a question a lot of couples face once they begin the transition from going steady to thinking about the future, and in many cases, it’s something that doesn’t even come up until after the wedding vows have been exchanged. If you’re looking for signs your spouse doesn't like you, the unfortunate truths on this list might offer some help. What you do after you’ve decided your significant other doesn’t like you any more, even though they love you, is up to you. There’s always the possibility of fixing things, the likelihood of which depends on how broken your relationship is. 

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You Feel Like They're Being Distant, but Nothing Is Really Different

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They Are Only Truly Present When It's Convenient for Them

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They No Longer Make Grand Gestures

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They Stop Sharing Their True Feelings With You

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Their Idea of Hanging Out Is Bingewatching TV

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They Rarely Say They Miss You

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You Have Just Enough Sex So Your Relationship Survives

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You Rarely Have "Fun" Without Fighting

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They Gravitate Toward Activities Where They Can Ignore You

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They're Often Too Tired to Spend Time With You

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They're Only There for You When It's Convenient for Them

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They Spend Just the Right Amount of Time with You, but No More Than the Minimum

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Whenever You Try to Do Something Nice for Them, it Has to Be on Their Terms

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They Text More Than They Talk to You

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They're Your Best Friend, but They Never Say It

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They're Vague About Future Commitments

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They Don't Argue with You Passionately

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They Do Anything They Can to Stay Away from You, Even Work

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Whenever You Drop Plans They're Very Understanding

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They Buy Mostly Semi-Thoughtful Gifts

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They Introduce You to their Friends, But Don't Spend Time with You When They're Around

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They Ask You to Go to Everything, but Don't Seem Fully Committed to Going

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They Are Affectionate, Yet Not Very Playful

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They Go Out of Their Way to Not Be Seen in Public with You

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Every Time You Mention Moving in Together, They Clam Up