Culture Signs Your Spouse Is Way More Self-Centered Than They Seem  

Jacob Shelton
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If you’re in a relationship with someone and you’re beginning to feel like your significant other might be more in love with themselves than they are with you, then you might be stuck in a one-way marriage with a selfish partner. If this is the case then you either need to figure out how to appropriately confront your self-centered spouse or (if you have the ability) cut and run while you still can. If your boyfriend is selfish then it’s hard to get anything for yourself taken care of. This can mean anything as simple as going out for a haircut to planning your big day. Keep reading to get some ideas for how to figure out if your boyfriend or girlfriend is selfish.

If you’re dealing with a selfish spouse then the signs on this list will be way too familiar: from their distinct lack of empathy, to the amount of time they spend talking about themselves. After a certain age it’s pretty much impossible to break someone out of their narcissistic tendencies, so hopefully you love your partner and their nightmare of a personality. But if you constantly think to yourself, “my partner is selfish,” then you may need to start looking for a way to get out of your relationship pronto.

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When You Have A Serious Argument They're Incredibly Defensive

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They Rarely Seem Like They're Listening To You

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They're Never At Fault - Ever

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They Don't Understand What Anyone Else Is Feeling

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They Pretend Like They Do More Work Than They Actually Do

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Your Significant Other Expects Everyone To Care About Them

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They're Very Insecure

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They Have No Remorse For Any Of The Terrible Stuff They Do

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They Act Like They're Superior To Everyone Around Them

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It Feels Like They Don't Live In The Real World

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They Keep Everyone Waiting

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Your Significant Other Acts Like A Jerk In Traffic

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Over Time It's Become Obvious That They're Untethered To Reality

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They Don't Actually Have Any Friends

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They Control Everything You Do

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Lies Are Their First Language

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They've Never Shown Concern For A Sick Relative

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Whenever They Get A Chance They Take Advantage Of Someone

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They Take Things That Aren't Theirs

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The Word "Monster" Comes To Mind When You Think Of Them

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Your Significant Other Is Rude To Restaurant Workers

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You've Caught Them Staring At Themselves In The Back Of A Spoon

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They're Constantly Killing Plants On Accident

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You've Described Them As A Character From Girls